Henan Zhongyuan Heavy Forging Co., Ltd

Zhicheng Town Dongliuyang
  • Booth: 7327

Our company is a API certified factory with 15 years history, specialize in producing Drill Stabilizer, Non-Magnetic Drill Stabilizer, Drill Collar, Non-Magnetic Drill Collar,  Drill Pipe, Mining Drill Pipe, Roller Reamer, Pump Block etc, which have been exporting to more than 20 countries !


  • Oil drill stabilizers
    Our drill stabilizers are integral spiral type, main material is AISI 4145Hmod, crown OD size from 6’’ to 45’’, hard-facing from HF1000-5000....

  • HHF chooses AISI 4145H MOD alloy steel with the best quality as the material, provides customers integral spiral stabilizer with better properties. Grain size and metallurgical structure are higher than the requirements of API APEC7-1.We are the main base for stabilizer products in China, and stabilizers  mainly exported to America, South Africa , India, Singapore, Ukraine and Dubai etc.

    When ordering Please specify:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

    ·Fishing neck OD and length

    ·Crown OD and length

    ·The angle from crown to neck

    ·Spiral width

    ·Overall length

    ·Connection type

    ·Hardfacing type

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