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To be the world-class Explosion-proof electrical apparatus Manufacturer


  • Explosion-proof Enclosure
    Explosion-proof aluminum enclosure with ATEX and IECEx approved. Zone 1 & Zone 2 Zone 21 & Zone 22...

  • ◇Copper-free aluminnium; powder coated surface;
    ◇Silicone rubber seal;
    ◇Explosion-proof enclosure, with hinges. Built-in 
       high breaking capacity miniature circuit breakers, 
       such as iC65, S200, and leakage circuit breakers, 
       MCCB, AC contactor, thermal relay, control buttons, 
       control switches, signal lamps, surge protection device,
       voltmeter, ammeter  and terminals, etc.;
    ◇Ways of installation: 
         Surface type(standard),          Pedestal type(optional);
    ◇Inlet and outlet thread:M16~M90×1.5, NPT1/2~3;
    ◇Rated voltage: Max.AC1000V/DC1500V;
    ◇Rated current: Max.1200A; 
    ◇Enclosure Size(mm): 
        282×210×170,  350×210×170,  433×350×280,  
        563×433×280,  720×563×280,  720×563×350.                                                                        
  • Explosion-proof lighting
    Explosion-proof lighting with ATEX and IECEx approved. Zone 1 & Zone 2 Zone 21 & Zone 22...

  • Aluminum alloy enclosure, high pressure electrostatic plastic 
        sprayed surface, stainless steel exposed fastener; 
    ◇Toughened glass stands 4J impact ;
    ◇Silicon rubber sealing strip;
    ◇Separate light source cavity, electrical and wiring cavity, 
        just open the wiring cavity while connecting wire;
    ◇The lamp body use wireless connection structure with 
        installation accessories, all installation mode accessories 
        can be interchangeable and universal, easy for installation 
        and maintenance; 
    ◇Several Cree LED, long life span up to 50000 hours; 
    ◇Wide voltage input(90~305V), constant power output, 
        COSΦ≥0.95, own constant flow, open circuit, short 
        circuit, surge protection and so on function; 
    ◇II type lamp has a larger range of illumination; 
    ◇T-type LED angle: 30°, 45°, 60°;
    ◇Entry Thread: G3/4, NPT3/4, M25×1.5;
    ◇Rated Voltage(V): 220/230*/240*;
    ◇Rated Power(W):  20, 25, 30, 45, 50, 60, 70, 85, 100, 120.
  • Explosion-proof components
    Explosion-proof components with ATEX and IECEx approved. Zone 1 & Zone 2 Zone 21 & Zone 22...

  • Material: aluminum or stainless steel;
    ◇Button contact module with self-cleaning function;
    ◇Button contacts for the modular card, up to 6 groups;
    ◇Button contact module with the button head buckle 
        structure, easy disassembly,Can be rotated to adjust 
        the same direction, easy wiring;
    ◇Flameproof enclosure should be used in combination, 
        can not be used alone;
    ◇Maximum voltage/maximum current: 690VAC/2A;
    ◇Rating: Ui = 690V, Ith = 10A;
    ◇Button head code:
         A1-standard button, A3-emergency stop button,
         A4-mushroom head button, B1-knob,
         Y0-key mushroom head button, Y1-keyed knob;
    ◇Thread: M32 × 1.5;
    ◇According to the requirements can be marked with a 
        box or protective cover.
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